Vericom Energy Storage System.

Vericom cares not only network and connectivity solutions but also how to do our efforts to reduce emissions. Vericom is also a dedicated Energy Storage System provider. Vericom offers full-stage system integration solutions for power generation - from side to side to provide customers with whole-life-cycle solutions including demand analysis, designing, system integration, installation, etc. We provide customers with stable, reliable and low-cost electricity through our products to realize more social and economic value.




Safe lithium iron phosphate cell design and package Electrical, mechanical, thermal and other multiple safety design management Multi-level detection three-dimensional fire wit


Optimize battery materials and manufacturing processes to improve cell energy efficiency Precisely optimize system operation control strategies for different scenarios Low system loss and high deep cycle efficiency


Monitoring and analyzing battery operating status of each stage and identifying of fault alarms. Intelligent detection of grid-connected operation status and self-adjustment according to power demand. All-round digital self-diagnosis and analysis platform to optimize system resource allocation


Longer life cycle materials used in all components of the whole system Comprehensive cell structure adaptive management and life compensation technology Complete integrated thermal design and management technology of the whole machine system

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